SEO and Marketing are vital to every online business and organization.
How you put together a plan and then execute it is where things can go off the track so to speak. Here are a couple bits of advice to take into consideration.

Stick with what works, and give it time.

Google and other search engines are constantly changing criteria for determining search results and ultimately the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Google for instance ranks your website on close to 200 factors. This algorithm apparently changes every day, which can unfortunately lead some to influence their SEO strategy. However it is imperative to keep focused on the SEO and marketing plans you have in place, and provide them with time to become effective. There are a lot of new and cool techniques that are being shopped to businesses and organizations, but it is important to stick with the proven traditional methods. Of course you can, and should augment your strategy with some of the new technologies and developments.

Combine both Social Media & SEO.






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Social Media is a very cost effective tool for reaching your target audience. Utilizing the many offerings from Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram among others, can be outsourced or managed in-house, which is what makes this an attractive strategy. However combining Social Media with SEO will be a very powerful synergy. Social Media is not a substitute for SEO, and conversely SEO is not a substitute for Social Media. A healthy balance of the two will help build your audience, increase your reach, as well as boost revenue & profits if that is what your company or organization is looking to do.

Tom Critchlow explains extremely well the impact of Social on SEO with an amazing piece of research, summed up in this graph.